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title - ease
rating - pg
fandom - motorcity
characters/pairings- mike / chuck
warnings - slash/BL
word count - 2,713
summary - prompt / “Chuck is really in love with Mike, but Mike is completely oblivious to it. It's really obvious to the rest of the Burners, and all the one-sided UST is getting annoying. So they just tell Mike outright that Chuck loves him so they can frolic into the sunset together or whatever.

But Mike becomes very flustered, thinking they're just messing with him. He's in complete denial because, in his mind, he can't think of anyone who could love someone like him. Mike is terrified of romantic relationships.(possibly because of his history with Kane?)

Que it being really awkward for Mike the next time Chuck and he are together.

How this is resolved (or not) is up to whoever decides to fill this. :)”

Mike’s brain, unfortunately, was in overdrive. Making speech difficult. It was frustrating because conversation with Chuck had never been this hard. Just looking at Chuck was a challenge, and maybe it was because he was scared of what he’d see.Collapse )
title - peppermint
project - / for
rating - pg
fandom - pokemon (gen iii / au)
characters/pairings - steven stone / wallace
warnings - slash/BL
word count - 1,644
summary - prompt / "Christmas themed Coffee Shop AU. Steven is a TA, overloaded with stuff to grade and it's almost Christmas goddamnit. Maybe he doesn't want to go home for break because he can't stand the thought of more stuffy, high society parties that his dad likes to throw. Anyway, he just really needs a good cup of coffee right now, but this barista who smells of peppermint syrup brews him up a candy cane latte instead."
notes - written for pokeprompts holiday exchange. original post here

@AO3 | @DW

Eventually he did go downstairs. Steven drank champagne and picked at the hors d'œuvre and he smiled for his father’s friends and employees and colleagues. He hated every minute of it.Collapse )
title - limited
fandom - parapines (gravity falls / paranorman crossover)
characters/pairings - dipper pines / norman babcock
rating - pg
warnings - underage persons, angst
word count - 709
summary - dipper has commitment issues
notes - n/a

@DW - @AO3

There was an eagerness to know them, since they didn’t know him. That was a first. At home he was a freak. Here, he was simply a tourist.Collapse )
title - you should see the things he thinks about you
project - kink_bingo / emotion play
fandom - parapines (gravity falls / paranorman crossover)
characters/pairings - dipper pines / norman babcock
rating - pg-13
warnings - situation that could possibly be seen as dub-con, underage persons, crossovers that make no sense at all
word count - 1,691
summary - dipper makes the mistake of hanging around the medium with a supernatural book.
notes - also a prompt on the parapines kink meme: "a possession fic based on this pic http:// awastrelhalloweened.tumblr.com/post/30829574651/"

@DW - @AO3

Norman’s heart actually flutters. Panicked and backed into a corner, no getting away from this.Collapse )
title - hands on my heart
fandom - sherlock (bbc) (AU)
characters/pairings - sherlock holmes/john watson, mycroft holmes
rating - nc-17
warnings - slash/BL
word count - ~6000
summary - au; john is hired as sherlock’s chauffeur
notes - kinkmeme fill here. not brit-picked or beta’d; i’d really really appreciate one. oh god the plot holes in this, i swear. full prompt:
All I want is for John to become Sherlock’s chauffeur and for them to get to know one another by having discussions and arguments through that window thingy and for them to eventually have some smoking hot sex in the car.

Can either be them at the ages they are now and Mycroft hires John to drive Sherlock around for some complex government case which Sherlock gets into the habit of talking to John about (and maybe John goes all BAMF and saves Sherlock from some bad guys at some point), or they can both be de-aged and John is hired by Mummy to drive Sherlock back and forth to university or some such.

@DW - @AO3

Finally Sherlock looked out the window, wrinkled his nose as if the entire world offended him, and said 'I need to return to my flat.'Collapse )
title - from faith to prudence
fandom - loveless
characters/pairings - aoyagi ritsuka/agatsuma soubi, hawatari yuiko, OMCs & OFCs
rating - pg
warnings - underage, slash/BL
word count - 3,133
summary - a timeline in which Ritsuka is in seventh grade, lacks ears, and realizes not much else has changed.
notes - wrote this in 2009 for 7_sins_virtues; i haven’t editted it since then because, honestly, if I were to do that now i would probably end up re-writing the entire thing.


Ritsuka had said barely a word all day. The dull throb in his skull made it difficult to think straight at times.Collapse )
title - heavy
prompt - goldensun100; venus/#24: hero
fandom - golden sun
characters/pairings - isaac, misc mentions
rating - g
warnings - spoilers
word count - 295
summary - isaac is stuck with a psychological weight
notes - n/a


but he found that the indifference he’d shown at seventeen was no longer applicableCollapse )
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