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heavy [golden sun; isaac] 
title - heavy
prompt - goldensun100; venus/#24: hero
fandom - golden sun
characters/pairings - isaac, misc mentions
rating - g
warnings - spoilers
word count - 295
summary - isaac is stuck with a psychological weight
notes - n/a


People called them the Warriors of Vale. It wasn’t inaccurate. Lots of people thought they had saved the world; that they were heroes. Even more were convinced that they had done Weyard wrong: heroes didn’t exist. So Isaac did not call himself a hero. He was just a warrior. A fighter. Not a savior.

At the heights overlooking the plateau, he and Jenna and Garet built their home. Citizens from Patcher’s wanted to build a training grounds. They said they wanted the path to be the same that their heroes had trialed through to save the world. Isaac, Jenna, Felix, and Garet oversaw the construction. This goes here, that goes there. Helped with certain things, contraptions. It reminded Isaac of the puzzles he’d once solved in Colosso.

“Please,” He’d tell them. “I’m not a hero.” He wasn’t being modest, he was completely serious. It felt weird to be called a hero; it was an uncomfortable feeling that bubbled in his gut and stuck against his throat. Then, more good-naturedly he’d say, “The Warriors of Vale title is enough for me.” People seemed to take him more seriously when he was straight forward, but he found that the indifference he’d shown at seventeen was no longer applicable to his personality.

Things might be bad, some would say, but that didn’t mean that Weyard hadn’t been saved. It always gets worse before it gets better. The planet was dying; what other choice did they have? So the hero title stuck for Isaac, for Felix, for all of them. After some years, people aged. People that weren’t the Warriors of Vale. Any notion that they were heroes seemed to disappear after so many years. They moved on. Isaac was grateful that the weight of that word was gone.
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